In line with the origins of the craft of shoemaking, the quality of the products is of foremost importance. This goes for the development, materials and processing of our shoes.

We apply our knowledge in the techniques of 'zwiegenähtes' and 'rahmgenähtes' shoemaking. You'll feel it when wearing our shoes, even after years.


The 'Rahmennaht' technique combines excellent durability and repairability with the comfort of individual fitting.

When the shoe is finished, the seam is hidden on the inside of the shoe and is not visable from the outside. The sole is stiched onto the outer edge. This second seam is called the 'double seam' and is visable on the 'rahmengenähten' shoe.


The 'Zwienaht' technique was developed about 200 years ago for the mountain farmers and woodsmen who had to work under extreme conditions

Originally 'Zwienaht' shoes were made exclusively by hand. Today however the work is done by machines without any loss to quality whatsoever. However it's the shoes performance that's important and the advantages of the robust durability this technique has to offer.

Perpetuate your baby's first shoes

The original shoe is dipped in gold, silver or bronze, and thus gets perpetuated.
Ask for it directly in our shop!

Baby shoes gold-plate: 280 EUR for 1 pair
Baby shoes silver-plate: 220 EUR for 1 pair
Baby shoes copper-plate: 150 EUR for 1 pair