Hello, I'm Schuh Bertl.

This homepage is for all those who can't visit my shop and for my loyal customers as a summary of our lengthy conversations and as an information platform for my ideas and products.

By talking to my customers I get the feedback I need to allow me to keep the quality, comfort and development of my products at their best. In turn, my customers get the chance to learn about the craft of shoemaking. Of course there's always the chance that we'll end up philosophising about the problems of the world ...

It's always special to buy a pair of shoes from my shop and it occasionally takes e-specially long!

You'll grow to love your high quality Bertl shoes and you'll be pleased to know that I repair them personally for you in my workshop.

My selection is rounded off by a shoehorn made out of real horn, my original 'hunter' rucksacks, belts and handmade cases, all worth checking out in my shop.

Take a look around ...