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· The miracle of Bertl

Football as it was 50 years ago. For the anniversary of the first World Cup title, Bertl has brought out this shoe in retro-look.

First pictures here ..


· New in the shop

The new moleskin shirts are here. A timeless cut and extremely comfortable to wear in the high quality you're used to. Moleskin - the name is lent from the fact that moles have very soft but thick skins. First pictures here ..

The bikerboots are also in production. Robust boots for all occasions. First pictures here ..

· Medical Study by the Charité Berlin

Bertls classic boots were tested and came first as 'best model':

".. in comparison to the other models tested, the best results in all areas of evaluation went to Bertl Shoes. The superiority of the leather and the manufacturing concept produced the best results with longterm use."